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Subject:      CODY: BUTTERFLY Chp.3 Was Raw Files
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Date:         1997/04/07
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                          THE BUTTERFLY
                       A work in progress

                      By CODY ANN MICHAELS
                     c. All rights reserved.

	[Note:  I have decided to retitle this story from Raw Files to The

	Our story to date: There was a girl sitting in the bus shelter,
reading a magazine.  She was thirteen.  And had just come from her
modeling class.  She was pretty, with long legs and a shaggy mane of
auburn colored hair, and too much make up.  Her skirt was too short, too. 
It was a warm spring afternoon.  Her leather jacket hung open, revealing
the low cut red spandex dress under it.  From time to time, she looked up,
as if expecting someone.  Or she would glance over her shoulder into the
park that was behind her.

	A van pulled over, and the man inside asked how to get to 21st and
Wentworth.  The girl stood up and walked over to the vehicle.  She pulled
her skirt down as she bent down to give him directions.  While she was
talking, another man came around the side of the van and walked up behind
her.  At first she didn't notice him.  He was carrying a blanket.  Sensing
his presence, she turned to see who was there.  Just as she did, the side
door of the van was flung open and a third man jumped out.  Startled, the
girl jumped back, into the arms of the other man, who surrounded her with
the blanket.  She squealed as they lifted her up and threw her into the
van.  Then they piled on top of her and the van took off.  The girl kicked
and jerked, but she couldn't get f ree.  Suddenly, one of the men hit her
along side the head.  Stop it, he said.  The girl immediately lay still. 

	She was breathing hard and scared to death.  The blanket was
stiffling.  She started to cry.  And beg.  Then she realized the men were
pulling her dress up and pulling her pants down.  This can't be happening,
she thought.  No.  God.  Please.  She tried to kick again, but they hit
her on the legs.  The blanket kept her arms against her sides, but she
tried to push her dress down and cover her twat.  She was wearing long
black sheer stockings and high heels.  From the modeling class.  There had
been a pho to shoot.  The red dress was very sheer. Under the dress, her
black panty thong was clearly visible, pulled tightly up into her baby
crotch.  Oh my God, no.  Don't.  They fucked her.  Both of them.  She had
never been violated before.  There was a lot of blood.  Hey, Burt.  You
want some?  The van stopped and one of the men changed places with the
driver so he could fuck her.  She groaned as the van started off again. 
This was worse than the first two.  The man pumped her good.  She felt her
slim body b eing crushed against the metal floor.  She thought her hips
would break. The men wanted her to struggle. 

	When they got to where they were going, the men opened the door
and pushed Street out.  She fell on the muddy ground.  Street opened her
eyes.  She didn't know where she was.  It looked like a deserted farm. 
Her big tits were hanging out of the top of h er dress.  Her skirt was
around her waist.  She had black streaks of mascara dribbling down her
face from crying.  One of them put a rope around her neck and dragged her
up the yard like a dog. 

	Inside they were going to skin her.  You could hear her screaming
on the tape. 

	Felony reached out a long finger and pushed the off button.  Her
insides were ice cold.  That was Street.  What had happened?  It took her
a full half minute to comprehend her daughter had been kidnapped.  But
how?  Why?  The beautiful little teenage mod el was of no use to anyone. 
Or was she?  Street had howled her head off.  As they peeled the butterfly
off her rump. 

	All the way down to the flesh.  Street had begged her to save her. 
Please, mommeee, oh, please. 

                            Chapter 3

	Felony van Grep sat back and looked at her hands.  She had worked
her way up from hooker to cop to the agency.  She knew what she was going
to do was strictly against regulations.  She didn't care.  She wanted to
see the bastard's face when she pointed t he gun at him.  Just before she
pulled the trigger.  When his face was still changing from expectation to
realizing it wasn't Shiloh sitting across from him.  She wanted to give
him enough time to understand everything, and even start to react.  Then
she would pull the trigger. 

	She wondered what he would look like.  Would he be fat, young,
old?  She wanted to see the pig's face when he realized she wasn't fifteen
and he wasn't going to get a blow job. 

	Who are you?

	"Felony Grep, Street's mother."  She had dropped the "van" when
she went legit. 

	I don't know any Street.

	She calls herself Shiloh on the internet.

	Look, lady, I swear, she said she was an adult.


	I don't care what he did to your daughter.  You can't shoot the
D.A. and get away with it. 

	Okay.  I'm beginning to see it.  Forget Frisco.  The first shot
shows the kid sitting at a bus stop, reading a magazine.  Trying to look
cool.  Looking up and down the road.  She's dressed like a tramp.  Salley
Jessie all the way.  Big hair.  Short skirt .  Cars going by.  She's
nervous.  Thirteen tops.  Dog collar.  Chains.  Expecting someone. 

	Cut.  Scene.  Fingers snapping a keyboard.  Bottom of screen. 
Cut.  Girl looking over her shoulder.  Black leather jacket.  White mini
skirt.  Lots of thigh.  Baby fat.  Tons of makeup.  Cut.  More keyboard. 
Screen.  Explorer.  Navigator?  Someone is w riting a letter.  Words. 
Slut.  Whore.  Treat me...  You know.  Cut back to the kid.  A car pulls
up.  A van.  She looks up.  The driver rolls the window down.  Now we're
reading what happens on the screen.  Wants to meet an older man.  Her
father left h ome when she was very young.  Mother's a slut.  Her mother's
boy friend fucks her.  Wants someone to protect her.  Scene: guy comes
around the side of the van; another one jumps out.  They wrap her in a
blanket and throw her inside.  Why do we need the bl anket?  She gets in. 
Screen.  I'll meet you...  Email.  She's reading his email.  What he wrote
to her.  The van drives off.  Her mother gets the first tape.  The fight
in the van.  She puts up a good fight.  She gets beaten to a pulp. 

	Everything is in flashback.  Like a dream.  Felony remembering the
body in the muddy yard behind the farm house. 

	She's a cop.  She tracks them down.  Strictly revenge.  That's
just the leadin.  After that, she goes after others.  It's an obsession. 
A rage.  She's psycho about it.  A rainy night.  A shopping mall in North
Carolina.  It turns out to be a seventeen o ld kid.  Street?  Street
couldn't come, Joey.  Will I do, instead?  Su... sure.  I guess.  Let's
go.  They got in her car.  Out in the woods she blew his brains out. 
Director.  Producer.  Scene.  Office.  Headquarters.  Desk drawer slams
shut.  "I don't care what he did?  You can't shoot the lieutenant governor
in the balls and get away with it? 

	Felony, you're out of control.  You've got to get help."

	Fuck you.  Did you see what he wrote?

	You egged him on.

	He was a pig.

	Haven't you ever heard of entrapment?

	He wanted to fuck a nine year old.

	If you keep on like this, I won't be able to protect you.

	Fine.  So what?  I'm quitting anyway.

	You what?

	I don't need this shit.  She hands in her badge.  She quits.  She
leaves the force.  She gets a job as head of security in a major
corporation that does research for the government.  She figures this will
give her more space to track down her daughter's murderers.  Okay.  That's
who she's looking for on the net.  The three guys who lured her daughter,
Street, into the van.  She's obsessed with it.  She figures they might
work for the company.  Maybe they brought Street here.  There's an overlay
of Street screaming and bouncing off the walls of the van.  There are also
tapes, videos, dreams, files, photos, every conceivable way to detail and
illustrate what happened to the little girl.  Felony is relentless.  It's
just a matter of time before she 's taken down herself.  Are you getting
any of this?  Do we have a point of view here?  She doesn't find the guys
at first; she finds other guys, but then she gets kicked off the force.
For using excessive violence.  Violating people's rights.  Illegal
searches and seizure.  But what motivates her is what happened to Street. 
It's important to show that.  She's crazy.  Nuts.  Totally nuts.  A raving
lunatic.  She dresses like a whore, and then she gets a real whore in a
hotel room and beats her senseless, trying to get information.  The girl
dies.  All this is in slow motion.  How about this, we start the movie
with her, Felony beating up the whore.  Would that be better?  Keep back
the part about the girl till later, make them wonder what is happening,
why she behaves this way?  Or is she just a dirty cop in the first place? 
Who likes to beat up prostitutes.  How about that?  And then the girl, the
daughter, gets raped.  Is this what we're looking for?  Give me some
feedback.  Talk to me.  Make me real. 

	Let's start over.

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