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Subject:      CODY: THE GO BETWEEN
From: (Mithryl)
Date:         1997/06/28
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                      By Cody Ann Michaels
                     c. All rights reserved

                            Chapter 4

                           The Island

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Date: Thu, 29 May 97 21:56:53 -0400
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Subject: Re: You busy?  Very!  Like you wouldn't believe.

>The summer wore on.  In
>that stinking cell.  I had to shit in a bucket.  Men peeked through the
>door.  To see what I was doing.  They found their big blousy maid parading
>around in her underwear.

	Found that, and the rest of your new story, on
You still into being my 14-year old?  How is Kelly?  She still your
offtime torturer?

	When you have time, answer this.  I've got a good dozen torture
ideas, and I'm itching to hear how they play out.



Dear Steve,

	This is Kelly.  I think you mean "offline."  But yes, Cody and I
are still an item.

	I don't know how much time Cody will have, though.  Especially to
write.  Probably not a whole lot.  As she hinted in her last story, she's
been rented out as a sex slave to a gang of frat boys who have a house on
Fire Island for the summer.

	Well, we needed the money.  My boy friend and me.  Cody's finances
didn't have a whole lot to do with it.  I mean, she could have refused.
In fact, she did refuse.  Rather vehemently at first.  But then Stan --
that's my new boy friend -- explained thin gs to her in a way she could
understand, so she was happy to go along.  Besides, look at it this way,
she gets free room and board at the beach all summer long, and all she has
to do is cook and clean for them during the day, and be their fuck toy at
nigh t.  A lot of girls would jump at the chance just to get out of the
city.  She also gets Tuesdays and Wednesday off.  Judging from the way she
looked when she got home Tuesday, Memorial Day weekend must have been
pretty intense.  I love taking care of Cody when she comes home like this,
giving her first aid, putting mercurochrome on her cuts and bruises,
listening to her howl, scratching open her raw wounds.  It's almost as
good as being there when she got them.  And, of course, I make her tell me
all abou t what they did to her.  She managed to work a lot of it into
"The Go Between".  I don't think she's going to have much more time for
that for awhile.

	Do send us your ideas, though.  I'm sure Cody's employers would be
very interested in carrying them out.  It might even net you an invite to
the island.

	Have to run.  Robert and some of the other boys are picking Cody
up this afternoon, to take her back to the island.  They've been very
specific about the way they want her dressed and tied up.  I don't know
how she's going to cook dinner like that.




	Cody said on the ride out, they could not keep their hands off
her.  Her breasts were squeezed; someone had his hand up her cunt every
other second.  They managed to get her so horny she was desperate to get
fucked.  But they didn't do that.  They wanted her to be miserable.  They
jerked her head back by the hair and looked into her staring eyes.  God,
you're such a fucking animal, one said.  On the ferry from Islip, she was
the only girl on board with her hands tied behind her back.  The wind
lifted her short dress over the big haunches, exposing the butterfly.  And
the whip marks from the weekend before.  Alec held her leash.  Whenever
she moved, he would slash at her with his cane.  Sit.  She was like a dog.

A whipped cur.  The other young men chatte d amiably.  With Marshall was
his wife, Susan.  They had met in college.  Susan sat next to the pretty
redhead.  Cody's face was flushed.  Her large tits were about to roll out
of her front.  Susan glanced down at them.  And then away.  Cody felt
numb.  N othing worse could happen to her.  Could it?  She could search
and replace Cody with e.  So when it was over, she could change the
identity.  No one would know.  It had been her.  That it happened to.
Davis Park loomed in the foreground.  From the dock w as about a four
minute walk.  Cody was fitted with an English saddle so that Alec could
ride her.  To keep from sinking in the sand with her high heels, she had
to keep up on her toes.  Even then it wasn't easy.  The others followed.

	The next day, Susan and Cody met on the beach.  Cody was wearing a
white one piece bathing suit. It was basically bare minimum, high on the
hips, a thong, and the tiny triangles of brassiere stretched tightly over
her nipples, squishing the giant tits ba ck against her chest in huge
pancakes.  Susan was more demurely dressed in a black bathing suit cut
like a mini-skirt across the crotch.  She eyed the younger girl curiously.

How did you get a black eyes?  Bruce hit me.  Oh, Cody.  I'm sorry.  It's
okay.  It's part of my job.  To get hit?  Yeah.  Cody, what are you
saying?  That they actually pay you to let them hit you?  uh huh.  She
nodded.  Looking down.  That's terrible.  Marshall said that Randall had
invited them over for drinks.  Cody served them.  In a French maid's
costume.  Everyone thought it was very chic that they should have a French
maid.  The girls especially liked to give her orders.

	And the cut lip?


	How did that happen?

	He knocked me downstairs.

	Oh, Cody!

	Susan was appalled.  Marshall, she said, we must do something.
What?  This is Fire Island.

	They talked about the dinosaurs.

	That summer there had been several sightings.  Usually on the
eastern end of the island.  Gigantic reptiles nibbling at the trees.
Robert even knew someone who had seen one.  How drunk was he?  No.  I'm
serious.  He really did.  They had just left the P ines and were waiting
for a beach taxi when suddenly....  There haven't been beach taxis on Fire
Island for thirty years.  Well, that just shows.  It wasn't a beach taxi.

It was a dinosaur.

	Cody served a creme d'menthe.  Thank you, Cody, Susan said.  She
smiled at the young girl.  Cody curtsied.  Uneasily.  She was afraid of
what Alec might say if he saw her hob knobbing with Susan.  She wasn't a
guest.  He caught her.  And insisted on whipping her right in front of

	But first, Cody was placed on a pole, a sort of dildo anchored in
the floor, so that it went up inside her.  Her ankles and knees were tied
together against the pole, and her elbows and wrists were also tied out in
front of her with a rope from the ceili ng.  It pulled her forward,
forcing her ass to stick up in back.  And that was just what Alec wanted.

He took a narrow malacka cane and stood in back of her; she heard a whish.
Cody's screams were loud enough to wake the dinosaurs.  Susan flinched.
My God! she said.  Again.  Stop it.  Alec, stop it.  Alec looked at her.
Cody was crying.  Oh my God, Susan said.  What have you done to her?
Marshall held her while the whipping continued.  The young child screamed
her bloody lungs out.  Begging, pleading .  Feeling the blood run down the
backs of her legs.  When he was finished, she knew how to serve a drink
properly.  The rest of the evening, they had no trouble with her.  Several
of the boys fucked her after the guests went home.  Towards morning, she l
ost consciousness.  The next thing she knew, someone was kicking her in
the ribs, telling her to wake up and fix breakfast.  Cody staggered up.
Her legs and hands were sticky with cum.  Also her hair.  Still, she did
what she was told.  Later that day, s he went down to the beach to wash
herself off.  That's when she ran into Susan.  Susan looked at her face.
She said she and Marshall were having some guests over that evening.  She
wondered if she could borrow you.  Bruce said fine.  Alec warned her what
would happen if she fucked up.

	Again the conversation was around dinosaurs.  Where were they?
What did they want?  Were they lurking out there, just on the edge of
shadows?  Watching us.  Maybe listening.  Did you see the movie?  He was
wonderful, wasn't he?  I'm sure he'll be a big star.  What a pretty maid
you have.  Cody smiled.  Susan asked her to get something from the
kitchen.  Cody stopped to take a smoke.  What a drag.  She wished she was
home.  Susan joined her.  You don't have to go back, you know.  Stan would
kill me.  The y already paid.  Who's Stan?  Kelly's boy friend.  It was
his idea.  To rent me out.  I didn't want to.  But he threatened to beat
me senseless if I didn't.  She started to cry again.  Susan held her.  Oh
Cody, I know.  It must be horrible.  Marshall walk ed in and saw them
there.  Susan gave him a look and he left.  They smoked a joint and went
back to the guests.  That night, Cody lay in bed, thinking about what
happened.  After lunch, the next day, she walked down to the beach.  Susan
was already there.  Cody was wearing the white bathing suit.  It was
practically transparent.  Susan's bathing suit resembled the black
miniskirt she had worn the night before.  Very 50s.  They were going back
that afternoon.  How will you get along?  I'll survive.  Don't worry.  She
put her arm around her.  Call me in the city.  Promise?  I will.  The two
women embraced.  Susan said she had to pack.  Goodbye.  Bye.

	Everett passed her, coming down to the beach.  He wanted to fuck
her right there.  Cody tried to push him away, but he was too strong for
her.  Soon he had pulled her bathing suit aside and was screwing her while
he held her down.  She didn't know if Sus an saw or not.  She felt so
dirty.  So slutty.  By the time she got back to New York, she felt even
worse.  Like she was totally destroyed.  Something had happened, but what
it was, she had no idea.

                            Chapter 5

	The trouble was though, e... English, would never let herself be
sold into slavery.  So how would she explain it?  She might do it herself
though, even if through an agent.  Adorable Escorts, maybe.  They had an
ad on television.  Channel 35.  But it sti ll wouldn't work if she tried
to change the names.  She sat on the sofa as the boys looked her over.
Cody opened the apartment door and let herself in.  Hi.  How was it?  e
shook.  She had been through hell.

	It was cold out there the first weekend.  And there had been no
heat in the house.  Maybe we could make it Codie.  I'm so cold.  We froze
last night.  said she wasn't going back
we convinced her
it was a long walk back to the house under leaden sky\ies
he pushed her
she was a tough old broad hammering them out
Delray Hooker
His name meant something
what does your's
he tried to define it
it wasn't working
try more mauve
he yelled at the big man to stay off
how much can she take
I'll open it up
The water sprayed up around them
cooling her off
Now get the seal

it was a typical summer on Fire Island the year they ended rent control
Suddenly the old place looked a little different.  Was it worth paying
twenty thousand.  Tender is the night.  It means something to get a good
sleep her nights had been bothering him.  He couldn't get a social life
going.  So he asked to see her Barbies.

By their barbies ye shall know them.

Several of the guys in the house collected them.

Not esoteric stuff either.  Like Chainsaw Barbie.  Heroin Chic Barbie.
No.  Like my first teaparty Barbie.  And Share a Smile Barbie.  The one
where Barbie's in a wheelchair.  They call her Betsy.  But it's really a
crippled Barbie.  I don't know what sh e's got.  Something horrible and
she has to use a wheelchair.  Is that a kick or what?  It's worse then
Temamaguchi.  The dying chick trick.  Here, I can do that.  It's dead.
This wasn't me.  It was some chorus girl they had dragged out there and
now she was dead.  What do you do with a dead chorus girl?  You sure it's
not a blowup doll.  No.  She's really dead.  See.  I looked.  It was
Kelly.  Oh my god.  I killed Kelly.  What a fuckup.  Wait a minute.  How'd
she get here?  She was in Davis Park.  What' s she doing in the apartment.

This is squalid.

	I thought she looked like Barbie.  Hank, Barbie's a blonde.  So is
she.  I know.  That's what had me confused.  I thought it was a my size
Barbie.  What did you do to her?

	I erased her.

	She left.

	Among my duties at the Chalet, that's what they called it, was to
take care of the chicks.  You know, the toy that beeps.  I had to take
care of them, and everytime a chick died, I got a whipping from its owner.

Or anything worse that he could dre am up.  A whipping was almost a
blessing compared with the slide rule.  This was something one of the
graduates had who did things with it.  I'm not allowed to describe.  Bill
said he'd kill me if I did.  I shouldn't even have said that.  Because
none of the other brothers knew about it.  It was sort of our little
secret.  Bill, me and the slide rule.  I don't want to talk about it.
Most of the time he kept it in its leather sheath, but from time to time I
was alllowed to take it out and play with it.  W hat's this thing?  What?

That goes back and forth.  He screamed.  Well, how was I supposed to know
it was plugged in?  I gave it back.  Bill looked a little strange around
the gills.  Sort of blue.  With a sliding grey shade down to the nostrils.

I was reminded of something.  While I was playing with the slide rule
another of the chicks had croaked.  Joey was going to be real pissed.
Cause it was his.  Poor dead little doohickey that sprouted wings and flew
away to cyberbird heaven.  Curtis had one fro m Japan.  With the
tombstone.  The other guys were fried because theirs all were made for
America.  You can't imagine the things people pick to get focused on out
on the island.  The second week is the worse.  Then they've begun to
realize just what a sti nking hole this is.  When the birds start to sound
a little too loud and a little too close.  And all they have to protect
them is the French maid and the Tegumisamari.  She was tired of pushing
buttons.  The birds began to have a longer longevity.  She w as getting
the hang of it.  The bird fathers were so happy.  Their chicks were living
longer and getting bigger.  They assumed enormous proportions in their
minds as they gathered around the table in the dining room, playing cards.

At night the chick chi ldren were brought in and placed before their
respective fathers.  Cody began to sleep at night with a pillow between
her knees to keep her thighs apart.  She was dying of the fever.  Several
dinosaurs were sighted grazing on the front lawn.  They aren't dangerous
are they?  Of course not.  I hear them bellowing at night.  I wonder what
they're saying.  We just got new bones, that's all.  What?  Nothing.  When
does the mail arrive.  Anything for me, love?  Sorry.  It's been so long.

Do you think you'll g o back?  Now it was mostly just fucking.  No big
blowups.  No.  Nothing.  It's just a matter of time.  Who's fucking who at
the old place> oh come on Terry, let it go.  It's so relaxing in the
Hamptons.  A brontosaurous stuck its head in the window.  Nor th Fork's
the place to be.  This is Fire Island calling.  From the Pines to the
Grove the dinosaurs were attacking on every flank.  We beat them off.
Thank goodness this is Davis Parik./ Don't go back.  Just keep going., The
jungle creepers caught at h er clothes.  And ripped them off.  I don't
think I could take another day like this.  Come on, Mabel.  Let him out.
What is he doing?> He's clucking and waving its wings.  She hated to tell
them whjen it happened.  It would be such a scene.  My Baby is dead.  I
hope it happened quickly.  I wonder what it was like to ride?  Just go
with the flow.  Don't resist.  Riding tornados is a new olympic sport.
Pecos Bill did it.  You ride a twister like you ride a horse.  Only
backward.  Here we do loop de loops .  Over the rainbow.  Found him over
in the next county.  Man, this doesn't look like Texas.

	She was playing for time.  Each day was like a new extravaganza of
wild sex and parties.  For the first week or so, people visited, but then
it got to be such a bother.  How was the city?  Dreadful.  Cody stopped
going back and forth.  She was here to stay.

	Some good pot.  And an old pickup truck that followed the weather
reports.  Me and old paint.  We came chugging up over a sand dune in that
Buick.  Let's see.  The satellite map says the next touch down should be
right about... here.  I saw it through th e kitchen window.  The first
thing I noticed were the cows.  You saw them coming past, just outside the
window.  Where it stopped.  Like a big drill going down, dissolving earth
and the cement deck like they was sugar.  The first thing I thought of was
th e chicks.  I had to save them/.  Protect them., I gathered them into my
apron and ran through the yard toward's the cellar door.  Don't be silly.

No one on Fire Island has cellars.  I know.  I know.  I kept screaming,
let me in.  Then I saw the pickup truck with Willie in it.  Sort of shit
ass grinning each time they came by.  Fucking Buick nearly touched me.  In
fact, it whipped my bra off.  Willie just waved.  And the coon dog looked
back.  And old paint sailed off into the sunset.  It was a beautiful
evening.  Just me and the twister and old Willie.  He stuck his thumb out
the next time around and touched me.  The next time I went with him.  Man,
fucking in the back of that Buick at 260 per.  Cosmic.  Better than a B-52
anytime.  Billie explained e to me.  He said...  I can't remember what he
said.  But it was cosmic.  Definitely.

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