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Subject:      CODY: THE STAND-IN, Chp. 17
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Date:         1997/07/25
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                          THE STAND-IN

                      By Cody Ann Michaels
                     c. All rights reserved

                           Chapter 17

	Codie felt like she'd spent the last several days being fucked on
roofies.  This wasn't far from true.  The little teenage swinger's last
memories were sitting in a bar in a red dress, watching guys trying to
peek up under her skirt.  The guy she was wit h was coming onto her.  He
already had his hand on her thigh, leaning over, getting a good view of
the big mushmellons he'd paid twenty dollars for. 

	Cody was taking it all in.  This wasn't her first trick of the
evening, and it wouldn't be the last.  Or so she figured.  She was pretty
cool, except the guy's fondling her was starting to get her turned on. 
She knew when he put his hand inside her, it was going to be wet.  She
pulled away.  A little modesty never hurt a session.  He gave her a sharp
look.  Watch it, she thought, this guy could be mean.  No use getting hurt
this early in the evening.  She let him get closer. 

	She was thinking about her column.  It was due.  Earlier in the
week she had been working on her notes.  There were also a number of
letters she wanted to answer.  They came from people on the internet who
had been reading her novel. 

	One, in particular, intrigued her, from a person who signed her or
himself B. 


	     I have not written to you before. When "r thomas" voiced its
opinion I wanted to voice mine, directly to you. You words are powerful
and moving to me. Art. Beat, stream-of-consciousness, Blade Runner,
suicidal, praising life, dominant, submissive, caring, destroying. One
paragraph makes me want to fuck anything that moves (or doesn't). The next
paragraph I want to puke. I remember the old days: live-to-drink,
drink-to-live. Life is better

	now. Your words make me remember, though. Very powerful. Don't
ever stop writing. Now, back to the shadows with your images swirling
about me... 

	With all respect to you,


Later, the same person wrote:


	     The megaliths at Glastonbury are for you. You are the Earth
Mother. You should be burned at the stake. The Inquisition will elicit the
confession.You should be worshipped. I want to anoint the soles of your
feet with my tongue. I ache for you. I hat e you. You should be sent to
the camp. I wipe my ass with your words. I place your writings on an alter
and give burnt offerings. You make my head hurt and my cock ache. Your
gaze shrivels my desire and mocks me. You are nothing. You are all things.
Life.  Death. Pain. Cleansing. Release. Exhaustion.

	Time to rest.

	Your Words "are".

	None is your equal. 

	With all respect to you...

	Cody liked a perceptive reader.  And one who was polite, too.  It
made her feel good that she was appreciated for something more than her
tits and cunt.  That she didn't always have to be a sexual object.  So
many people were always willing to criticize.  This, for instance, came
from someone named Ari: 

	"I found this piece (Chapters 1-4) to be crude, offensive, and
frankly sickening. If that is the aim you have as a writer, you are doing
a fabulous job.  You've certainly turned my stomach." 

	What a mean thing to say.  I mean, was it her fault he had a weak
stomach?  Try Readers Digest.  What nerve.  B. had been much more

	In another correspondence, a person named Dave told her:

	"Cody: I do not know if I will read a whole book by you.  I am
reading two novels now.  You use an interesting and unusual structure.  I
read chapters 14, 15 on Soc.subculture.bondage.  I note that your novel
seems to have bdsm, but that is almost a disadvantage as I am an active
player and tend to be a nitpicker." 

	"Seems to have bdsm?"  That is like saying the Atlantic Ocean
seems to have a lot of water in it, Cody thought.  However, she was not a
nitpicker, and wrote back that she would be grateful for any pointers this
Dave person might want to offer. She had to dress to go out, so she could
not wait for a reply, if there was one. 

	The short red mini just barely covered her behind.  The tip of her
black silk thong was just visible below the hem.  Again, as she sat in the
bar, she thought of B.'s letter.  It turned her on. 

	She had it in her purse.  She wanted to take it out and read, but
she was afraid her date would be offended. 

	"The megaliths at Glastonbury are for you. You are the Earth
Mother. You should be burned at the stake." 

	Cody saw herself as a medieval heroine.  She deserved to be
tortured.  But not like this.  The guy was a klutz.  Fumbling with her
dress.  She put her hand up to stop him and got slapped in the face. 

	It made a loud crack.  Cody turned her head aside.  When she
turned it back, she said, "That will cost you."  There was a bright red
mark on her cheek.  "Oh yeah.  Who's going to make me pay?"  "That man
over there.  She pointed at a table where a man in a hat was sitting.  "He
keeps score.  Slapping costs three dollars."  The guy shrugged.  What's
this cost?  He stood up, and punched her in the belly.  Hard.  She nearly
fainted.  "ten..." she gasped, bending forward.  And this?  He rabbit
punched her.  It drove the dear girl to her knees.  She was clutching
herself from before.  i its ten dollar A knee hit her in the face.  Then
he dragged her up and bent her backwards over the bar and shoved his hand
up into her cunt.  Cody's red hair spread across th e bar.  She looked
like a Barbie with red hair and two black eyes.  A big fist hit her in the

	Cody had to say how much each blow would cost.  She was pretty
cheap.  She'd been told to keep prices down.  Don't extort the customers. 
Another blow with a fist and she went sideways and knocked over a stool as
she fell against the foot rail.  The men watched her crawling and jerking
around.  In her mind was the image of the way B. must have seen her.  This
incredible, beautiful person.  A Joan of Arc type figure facing the
inquisition.  Strong.  Defiant.  Unbending.  "You should be worshipped," 
he had said.  "I want to anoint the soles of your feet with my tongue." 
What beautiful thoughts.  Not some cheap whore being whipped in a bar.  Oh
God, don't. 

	"I ache for you. I hate you. You should be sent to the camp. I
wipe my ass with your words." 

	Cody knew this was an old pagan ritual.  Something the druids had
done at Glastonbury.  She didn't know how she knew it.  She just did. 
Maybe it was something she had read.  "I place your writings on an alter
and give burnt offerings." 

	Yeah.  They had burned her books.  In Nazi Germany before the war. 
For being decadent.  Having the courage to say what she believed when she
believed it.  Never going back.  Cody knelt on the floor with her back
side up and her face on the concrete.  He r hair spread around her.  She
was licking up his piss as he sprayed it.  Some got in her hair.  It clung
to the sides of her face.  Her lipstick was smeared and her face was dirty
from the wet floor.  She got a good kick in the tits.  He made her roll ov
er and spread her legs.  Then he kicked her in the cunt.  The toe of his
boot was pointed and had a metal cap.  It drove far up inside her.  Cody
jerked.  aaaggggggh

	"You make my head hurt and my cock ache. Your gaze shrivels my
desire and mocks me. You are nothing. You are all things. Life. Death.
Pain. Cleansing. Release. Exhaustion." 

	Which is maybe why he, this other guy, had to hurt her.  Because
of her penetrating gaze.  Her mocking sarcastic humor.  Her devastating
remarks at his expense.  Very funny, Cody.  Just wait. 

	This was his revenge.  She thought.  Or seemed to be.  Maybe it
was something else.  She couldn't be sure.  She'd never been called a
"structure" before.  What did that mean?  She wondered.  What kind of
structure?  What did Dave mean? 

Cody Ann,

	I'm wandering in your Labyrinth. I'm afraid of what I'm gonna see
around the next corner. I am on edge. Nervous. I'm too far to turn back.
Your bestial lust gave birth to it. I know I'm gonna see it. I'm scared.
I'm ready for blood. I'm hard. I'm ready to penetrate. Theseus was no
hero. He won't succeed this time. Your child lives... 

	With all respect to you,

	To one man she was a goddess.  To another a structure.  And some
men couldn't stand her.  Like Ari.  She had made him sick.  Her "bestial
lust," as B. put it, probably turned him off. 

	It was getting late.  She was walking up some street clutching
what was left of the red dress around her; staggering, knocked out,
totally looped.  Her hair dangled in her face.  She was a total mess.  Her
nose was stopped up with blood and she was breat hing through her mouth.
wha time is it she had no idea where she was or how to get home.  got a
cigarette people walked past her gave her the eye stared or looked away. 
Cody was wobbling on high heels her stockings were ripped she was a mess
The dress wa s open in front; the front panel of her panties was ripped in
half it wasn't going to be long now.  she remembered what it came to her
she wanted twentyfive scents to make a pphone call can you spare a dime
thanks anyway guy gave her a quarter thanks she would have fucked him for
it but he kept on going.  Theseus was no hero.  He was still in the
labyrinth.  My child?  What child.  What happened?  She had slept with the
dark lord of the forest and now she wa s on the run.  His old lady was
really pissed.  She'd kill her for this.  Before the child could be born. 
He kicked her in the belly.  She screamed.  My baby! 

	Cody knew she was being summoned.  And this time there would be no
protection.  Nothing.  Between her and him.  Not even a condom.  Getting
aids was the least of her worries.  She probably had it several times.  It
wasn't getting it that was important.  It was getting there.  Come on.  Do
it.  Do it.  Again.  Again.  Again.  He was like a machinegun.  He
exploded inside her.  It was the new hormones.  They made a man totally
indestructable.  And doubled the size of his cock.  Inextinguishable.  I
mean in extinguishable.  He could do it as many times as he wanted.  And
not get tired.  He would destroy a woman.  The way he was doing Cody right
now.  She'd never been with a man who could match her orgasm for orgasm
before.  She wasn't sure she liked it.  For one thing, he directed the
show.  She had nothing to say.  It was his orders.  After awhile she began
to feel as if she would never come down.  She lost control of herself and
turned into a demon.  The man-beast pounded her again and again.  She was
dyin g in his spell.  She had no idea what was around the next corner or
the far turn.  She hit the wall and flipped out. 

	Flip remarks could get you hurt she found out soon enough.  Don't
be a nitpicker.  These early tricks softened her up for what was to come. 
Someone could toss a hand grenade into her lap and she wouldn't notice it. 
Spread em pig Was that all he could offer.  Yes, Bruno.  Now lie down. 
she felt like she had been pounded to jelly.  It was like a spa.  ooooh
she hurt.  Up against the wall.  Spread em.  Someone started shooting.  It
was him.  She hung on the ropes.  Nothing could wake her up.  Beastie
worked her over.  Take her and fuck her. 

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