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                          THE STAND-IN

                      By Cody Ann Michaels
                     c. All rights reserved

                            Chapter 2

	Don't send me back there.  Please!!!!!

	Kelly said, Shut up.  You're going.  So you might as well stop

	But they were so mean to me.

	That's the point, isn't it?

	Oh God, Kel, please don't make me go back to Arkansas.  I hated

	She laughed.  You'll hate these instructions even worse.  She was
reading the fax. 

	What do you mean?

	You have to wear a teddy.


	Garter belt.  High heels.  Stockings.  A very small teddy.  Black. 
See through.  A bra that just covers your nipples, but pulls your juggs up
against your chest.  Hair pulled back, but loose.  Highly made up.  Seven
inch stillettos. 

	So what's the big deal?  That's what I always wear.

	To fly in.


	That's what they want you to wear to the airport.

	Under a coat, right?

	She looked at me.

	Noooooo.  I won't.

	She grabbed me by the neck and pulled my face close to hers. 
You'll do it, you little dick licker, or I'll have Otto break you in half
and we'll ship you to Arkansas in a footlocker UPS.  She slapped my face. 
God, you are such an aggravating slut.  Otto.  Come in here. 

	Yeah.  Whadayou want?

	Make Cody cry.


	No, Kel.  I will. honest  aaaaagaeei

	Make her scream, Otto.  aaaagiiii9igggiigig

	Now will you do as you're told?


	That night, I had to write my column for the Canberra Times.  My
hands shook as I typed, trying to collect my thoughts on the latest
political scandal.  It wasn't easy.  The next morning, Kelly made sure I
looked just right.  I looked at myself in the mi rror.  I couldn't go to
the airport in this.  The black teddy clung to my body.  My breasts were
like big round pancakes held back by the string of the bra.  Both eyes
were swollen nearly shut.  Otto had beaten me up again.  That was part of
the instructi ons.  That I had to look battered.  Like my boy friend had
beat me up.  Only technically, he was Kelly's friend.  She said it didn't
matter.  The main thing was I had to look totally trashed.  The teddy was
nearly falling off.  My stockings were torn.  An d my hair was falling in
my face.  Part of it.  The rest was held back by a baretta.  Then she took
me downstairs.  And put me in a cab.  For the airport.  All I had was a
ticket and a heavy suitcase.  I had to carry my own bags.  That was
another stipula tion.  Through the terminal.  On high heeled shoes.  I
felt like everyone was staring at me. 

	As I stood in line.  Checked in.  Went through security.  I hate
security.  Those fucking perverts.  Walked down the ramp to the waiting
area.  Gate seven.  Oh, long black gloves.  Those too.  And wrist
restraints.  Although, I wasn't tied up, yet.  Well , I got there.  There
was a two hour wait. 

	We had to fly non-stop to St. Louis.  Then there was a commuter
flight to the little town in the Ozarks where I was expected.  People
stared.  As so often happened when she was in an awkward situation, Cody
began to think of herself in the third person. She was sitting in an air
terminal almost naked.  Naturally, the thought made her horny and she
began to play with herself.  Soon she was very hot indeed, and she moaned
as she tried to curl up into the seat.  It was too much, and the spanish
fly Kelly h ad fed her for breakfast was taking effect at lightning speed. 
The young girl spasmed and stretched out.  Her crotch was on fire.  She
began to hump herself on the chair arm.  This went on until her flight was
called, intermittently with her rolling arou nd on the floor.  She could
barely stagger onto the plane. 

	Once on board, it was no better.  The guy sitting next to her had
a field day.  At St. Louis, she had to wait another hour for the commuter. 
After that, it was a forty minute flight.  When they finally touched down,
Cody was a soft, squishy bundle of self-annihilated spit. 

	Her hosts were very pleased.  They took her back to their cabin
and cleaned her up.  Then they tied her to a chair and looked at her.  For
the whole weekend.  They just stared.  While Cody went berserk.  You
didn't have to do anything to Cody.  By this t ime, she just did it
herself.  Smash herself into a wall.  Tie herself up.  Immolate herself. 
Spike herself on a dildo.  A broomstick.  A broken broomstick with lots of
splinters.  It was quite a show.  She couldn't help it.  They were a nice,
friendly m iddle-aged couple.  The sort of folks Charles Kuralt might have
interviewed before lupus interfered.  She had written about his death in
her column to the Australians.  It was a slow week.  They did nothing to
interfere.  Except supply the ropes and other implements.  The raw
materials, so to speak.  Hooks.  Duct tape.  The dog dish.  The Alpo.  The
rest was Cody.  Cody hanging herself from the hay loft.  Cody crawling
through the mud.  Cody in the swimming pool, at the bottom, drowning. 
When it was done , they took her back to the airport and put her on the
plane.  The woman patted her on the cheek.  The place she had burned
herself.  Come again.  Anytime.  Cody flew back to New York.  Huddled up. 
Crying.  Feeling totally violated.  Her hair was a mess.  She practically
crawled off the plane.  No one was there.  She had to get home by herself. 
And she had no money.  She offered to suck off the cab driver.  They went
by the Triborough.  When we got to my apartment house, I got out.  Okay,
he said.  Pay me.  I looked at him.  I just did.  That was just for
starters, kiddo.  But...  He walked me upstairs.  Kelly was there.  She
owes me a fare, he said.  Oh.  Fine.  Use the bedroom.  He shoved me
through the door.  I tried to fight him off.  That was a mis take.  He hit
me again and again.  Throwing me up against the wall against my ripped
tits.  My face felt like steak.  He pounded me so hard.  I screamed each
time he broke a bone.  Finally, I couldn't breathe.  He left me in the
middle of a pool of blood and walked out.  Have a nice day, Kelly said. 

                            Chapter 3

	Cody sat on the edge of the bed, crying.  It hurt so much. 
Several days had passed since her beating.  But she still hurt.  Her tits
had swollen to 60 Zs after the incident.  She could still barely move, and
never without excruciating pain.  She held he r head.  Her breasts hurt so
bad.  She was afraid to touch them.  Of course, it was almost impossible
to move without bumping or touching one of the big hanging sacks of
purplish abraided tit meat.  Over and over again in her mind she went over
what had h appened.  Every punch.  Every blow.  Every cracking of her
skull on the dresser or hooking her nose on the end of the bed.  Inside,
she was hemmorahaging.  She clutched her belly, whispering.  Please let it
go.  Don't hurt my baby.  They ripped it out of her.  She would be kept
pregnant perpetually, so her tits would grow and give milk.  At the
lactation station where she was held. 

	The point was to keep her flowing both through hormones and
constant massage.  Her tits were pummeled.  Let's look at the specs again. 


	Tom's letter was waiting for her.  He had had Shiloh Grep, and was
going to tell her about it.  Could she handle jpegs? 

	Child abuse is a big issue in America she wrote in the Times.
Now we've got to figure something out.

Is what he's sending child pornography if he's sending it to me?  I
watched as he took Shiloh apart on the other side of the cabin.  It was
like it was happening to me but it wasn't.  I sat there dumbfounded.  Is
this the way to go home?  I should hate hi m for this.  But I don't. 
Funny.  I don't hate anyone.  But people do such bad things to me, I
should hate it.  Maybe that's why I hate myself.  Because I did it.  "I
hurt her bad, Kelly."  Cody.  oh yeah, I was talking to Kelly while you
was gone.  He w as?  She didn't mention it.  Now come here.  It was like a
mirror.  As if I was doing that to Kelly instead of watching.  What's the
difference.  Can you get this to the Supreme Court by Jpeg> Missile
launched and completed.  Do it right next time. 
The jewels were out and being fondled
As if they meant something the way they are drooling over them
hey get away.  I pushed him.  I tried to fight back.  And then I just lay
there and let them do it to me. 
you know what I mean?
Do you get it?

Am I coming through to you?
Use me.
They did.
She lost count how many of them.
What did numbers count?
in the end, nothing.
nothing.  nada nope no
hey, no means no
it didn't
stop him.
she came in his mouth
this girl could do anything
what's it worth if I shut up, Pa

America's father had been all over america up and down the alley ways
giving fuck to thousands of women, and you want more?  Are you crazy?  Hit
her.  They jumped on her.  She was eaten alive.  They vomited her out in
their puke.  She crawled along the al ley way giving birth to his
children.  Now pay you, fucker. 
It is not whether Autumn is innocent
as is he guilty?
Now, on to Versace.  You should have seen the funeral.  Not that picture
in the Times.  The real funeral.  What do you mean?  They were his wives. 
They're all marked.  Who's next?> Naomi>?  They burned with him as the
funeral pyre drifted out to see.  Hey, what is thiss?  He's on fire.  What
a fuck.  That's Kate.  Scream Kate.  This is your last obsession, to die
with Gianniiiiiiii,.' You could hear it all over Naples.  The screaming
women.  The shrieking widows of the great Versace.  All coming for a piece
of the steak.  They ate him.  Well, what do you expect?  He was a genius. 
A god.  An exemplar of the working class.  They had to take him out.  It
was inevitable.  I think that's Linda.  Bell tone.  Very good on the high
eees.  Cover your ears.  Cindy struggled.  She didn't want to g o.  She
wanted to live.  Fancy that.  These Americans.  Krissy died like a child,
folding into his arms.  So peaceful.  She took her cat.  Rasmas. 
Familiar.  Wasn't that?  One of the horned hounds of Hell.  Curses. 
She'll eat him alive.  They went down with the c. 
Australians will read anything.  Shalom.
She was also picked up in Brisbane.  Brisbrane loved her.  He would have
done anything to save her.  But he was out of town.  Call you later.  He
told the story in long slow installments, pausing now and then to go off
on a tangent.  Like the wall of the cabin.  Squish.  A pop doll.  You can
do anything to her.  See.  She just screams like that.  I submit you take
her out in the alley and do that.  Cody picked herself up and stood
against the Brick Wall.  He beat her.  She doubled up.  Clutching herself. 

 She was in stitches.  They sewed her into the skin so that she was
completely enclosed like a tumor. 
Nothing else to say.
Her column stopped.  She waited.  She had to rest.  You don't know about
rest, do you?  Here.  I'll show you.  She was knocked out.  That wasn't
resting.  That was being unconscious.  He socked her again.  No let up. 
You get tense.  You get jumpy.  You make mistakes.  You can't defend
yourself.  Can you?  no.  See.  I told you.  Now get up.  This isn't
resting either.  You're wondering what to do.  Stop it.  He slapped her
face.  She was stunned.  No one had ever dared do that to her before.  She
glared at him, and got hit again.  That trained her to be docile and do
what she was asked.  Again and again they forced her to get up and be
knocked down again.  There was just no let up.  It had to come from
within.  She let go.  What was this?  The superpower s are invidious.  Try
again.  This time they let her stand up.  She got up slowly.  Now what? 
Keep hitting her.  I want to see what happens.  Alec!!!!!!  Stop it.  Her
brother controls her, you know, from their home in Florida. 
now get up.  Slowly.  I want to see you bleed, pig.
he watched on video as she went through the motions
of sticking up for herself
And wham.  When she was hit.  And went down.  And got up.  And went down
again.  no.  each time was worse.  She bounced off the walls.  Drugs were
horrible.  That was another column.  The drug scourge.  You could sell a
lot of herb here. 
no one reads books anymore.  It's coming out.  I'm telling you.
cut off his air
going down.
dust bouncing
you do the dust first.  Then the floors.
she was a french maid.
in the bedroom
quick march.
She hated it when they came back from Africa.  They wanted her to be black
like they were used tur.  she wasn't a slave
/She was maid to dress up in uniform and be his commanding officer.  Then
he would rebel and humilate me. 
I went down under the onslaught
They put Russian girls on their cannon and pulled the trigger.  Half the
Ukraine is German.  You never know what our allies are up to.  That
Norwegian girl, for instance.  Bring her in here.  I want her to suck me. 
Greta cralwed through the door. 

I was amazed at how quick it had happened.  I was in LaGuardia one minute
and the next I was in Rome.  At the funeral.  The bells of the holy city
rang out as they carried him through the empty streets not a soul.  no one
around.  Only the silent cortege.  And the corpse.  And Erica.  Erica was
the oldest.  And the other two girls.  Now do you remember?  Oh yeah.  My
older sister.  We don't hang out much.  When one was finshed with her
someone else took over.  The train took him to Naples where a barge was
waiting.  He went on board.  Gianniuiiiii9...  They strangled her.  As he
watched with sad eyes as she went down.  diodn't have a thing to wear
bright colores.  She went out.  When she woke up, she was lying in a back
alley with her hands tied behind her back.  But not the elbows this time. 
She is loose at the elbows.  This holds her in check.  They weren't
costumes.  They were controls.  Each fiber fed action into her body and
took it out.  Totally bonkers.  You can do anything with her.  See.  Make
her jump.  Lying on the floor.  She spasms.  Then lies still.  The ball
gag in her mouth keeps her silent.  The noise feeds back into her brain
and bounces off the ball.  She fries.  Lift her up.  Drop her.  Her eyes
bulge at the pressure from inside.  The silk clad body is a mass of
contradictions.  That she is abraiding herself on broken glass makes it
worse.  The suit shorts.  Then goes wild.  Th e computer controlling it is
having a meltdown.  Backups kick in.  The girl spasms.  Then lies still. 
But the knife is all the way through her. 
She lies embedded on it, ass up in the air.  Face on the concrete. 
Hands jerking behind her back.  Leave it.  Let her lay.  See what she does
to herself next.
The fourteen year old crawls over to the sofa, hilt dragging on the floor. 
Sending signals up into her gut that she's been skewered.  Got to get out. 
please, daddy.  take it out. 

She groaned and lay still.  Big buttocks up in the air.  Smeared with
grease and sweat.  God, what a pig.  He stomped on her face.
gaaaagggaggggggagggaaffgg heel sticking in her mouth
pressing against her brain. 
Right though the palate. 
He kept jabbing her. 
Get up.  No let up.  Do this.  do that.  You got to work at the store. 
She had to run in harnass.  It was goosing her.  Her own foot was poking
her membrane, trying to get to the brain.
I moved. 
I'm in your stomach. 
Did you ever know the brain moves? 
That's right. 
It's like an octopus. 
It can get in anywhere. 
in fact, it is an octopus.  Our primal ancestor, all curled up in our
heads waiting to get out.
Like a gigantic squid. 
It mingled with her intestines.  She had to go. 
She shit all over herself.  Down her legs.  Clean her up. 

Our affair grows more and more incestuous as I turn myself over to you,
Daddy.  There in the trailer, out on the edge of the badlands.  Milking
Cody.  Like a cow.  Kicking that big udder as he rode her into town.  Get
along little flossie.  The saddle kept her cinched to fifteen inches.  Her
tits bounced along the pavement.  That was child neglect.  Come here. 
I'll show you.  They had to wade though a lot to get here.  And where was
it?  Kansas.  Prairie Dog holes as far as you can see.  And Cody's in all
of them.  Fucking mother earth.  They pumped her dry.  Big cow udders fed
the institute.  How much.  They sold her back and forth around the trailer
park.  Making extra money out of my cow leavings.  I was skinny as a
heiffer.  I hate cow comparisons.  Stop it, G.  I look like I just came
from Africa.  Gianni.  That isn't the point.  Put this on.  I liked it. 
He could throw yards of silk up in the air and they would come down
patterned flowers.  He made you feel sexy.  I loved what he did for me. 
Each morning they practiced sword form.  That isn't it.  Father and
daughter.  How's your mother?  Ok.  No.  ok.  Got it?  Yes.  ok.  Good. 
Now go on.  He followed her into the next room and picked up the whip. 
Now we make you a costume to wear home.  You walked home and you didn't
know you were there.  It was that simple.  Ribbon wire.  He wove it into
the most in teresting fabrics.  You didn't even have skin when he was
through with you.  He went into the flesh but not too far.  Just sort of
floated it on the surface.  Until they stood there skinned alive.  By
Giannniiiiiiiiiiiiii, it echoed out across the moors.  Now, something in
Baskerville Tweed.  For a hair shirt.  Under the chain link mesh.  Put it
on.  I want to see how you bleed through it.  Nothing stopped her.  Little
sister.  Come see me sometime.  It wasn't an invitation.  It was a
command.  What kind of a linkup was it? 
	Wasn't there any way to stop? 
She had to see a doctor.

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