Subject:      CODY WANTS IT BAD !!!
From: (Mithryl)
Date:         1996/05/03
Message-Id:   <4mdu85$>
Newsgroups:   alt.personals.bondage,

                      CODY WANTS IT SO BAD

	This is an advertisement by a girl on the cusp of young womanhood,
who wants to be raped and beaten.  Cody has placed a number of ads here
before -- you may have seen them -- but now she is getting desperate. 
Because while her original ads were about fu lfilling her fantasies
through writing, now more and more she is being driven to realizing them
in real life. 

	Cody is an attractive redhead, 19 years old, who works as an
intern for a fashion magazine.  She is intelligent and well-read.  She has
green eyes, long curly red hair, long legs, a stunning body.  She weighs
119 pounds, stands five feet seven inches tal l.  During the day, at work,
she is competent and self-reliant usually dressed in conservative designer
business suits.  At night, she becomes a self destructive whore wearing
clothes that would make Pamela Anderson Lee flinch. 

	If what you read in this ad appeals to you, please write to Cody
and let her know.  Thanks. 

	Cody's lover,

	Kelly Morgan


	It was the opening of I Shot Andy Warhol.  A lot of Kelly's
friends were there, because she's in it.  She plays Sue America, Andy's
favorite superstar.  Anyway, we were hanging around outside the theatre
after the show.  Watching the different people com e out.  I was hoping to
see John Kennedy or Newt Gingrich.  The paparrazzi were out in force. 
Snapping pictures.  They took a lot of me.  Kelly was pissed as hell.  I
think I mentioned that Kelly and I look alike.  People thought I was her. 
They kept as king for my autograph.  I pointed out to her that Andy had
done something very similar when he had had other people sign his
paintings.  Kelly said she didn't give a shit about what Andy did.  "That
was then.  He's dead.  This is now.  Give me that!"  She practically
grabbed the pen and candy wrapper out of my hand that the kid wanted me to
sign.  "Sign it 'To Sydney, with love, Elizabeth,'" he said. 


	"Yeah.  Wasn't that you with the blonde hair in Showgirls?"

	She handled it well.  Miss Piggy couldn't have done it better.

	And then she turned around and slammed me up against the limo. 
"Listen, you hopeless asshole ..." she started to say.  But then she got a
better idea. 

	She pressed her body up against mine, and slowly started to kiss
me.  I was embarrassed.  My God, we were standing right there in front of
the theatre.  With the cameras flashing. 

	This didn't stop me from responding.  I felt weak.  Kelly was
practically naked in a little silver dress with thin straps, black
stockings and heels.  And long velvet gloves.  She didn't look like a
dominatrix.  Neither did I.  I was wearing a tight whit e spandex dress
that was practically see through.  Black stockings and high heeled boots
that came to my knees.  I felt her pull my dress up, and slip her hand
into my panties.  Her finger came up in my crack.  I felt her feeling
around, and then she touc hed my clit, getting it between her finger and
thumb.  I jerked.
	She rolled it back and forth and I put on a display right there on
the sidewalk.  I thought we were going to start a riot. 

	"We got to do something about you," she whispered.  She pulled open
the door and shoved me into the limo.  "Please, Kelly," I started to

	"Shut up.  You've been too cocky lately.  Now we're going to fix
that.  You want to write something?"  She picked up a pad on a clipboard
on the console, and handed it to me.  "Write an ad to your internet chums
and tell them how badly you want to be abu sed.  Beg them to do it.  Now,

	"Oh God, please hurt me," I started to write.  "I want it so bad. 
Make me your internet slut.  Hit me.  Fuck me.  Make me feel like the
piece of shit I really am...." 

	Kelly looked over my shoulder.  "You call that begging?  That's

	She opened the door and yelled out.  "Brent!  Get in here."

	A guy who looked like a bouncer got in the car.  And sat on the
other side of me.  "What do you want?" 

	"Brent, this is Cody.  Cody, Brent."

	"Hey.  She looks like you."

	"So I've been told.  Get on the floor, Cody.  On your knees. 
Brent, open your pants and stick your dick in Cody's mouth."  He didn't
have to be asked twice. 

	"Good.  Now Cody, I want you to beg Brent to beat the living shit
out of you.  Think you can do that?  No.  Don't take your mouth away. 
Maybe we'd better go downtown for this.  She told the driver to go to West
Fourteenth and Hudson, over by the meat di strict.  "Okay, Cody.  Start

	By the time we got there, I had him thoroughly convinced.  "She
really is an animal," Brent said.
	He wiped up the street with me.  I was shrieking my guts out. 
Kelly watched from the car, smoking a cigarette.  "That's enough," she
said.  "We don't want to kill her."  I crawled back towards the limo.  I
knew we were going to a cast party.  A lot of i mportant people would be
there.  I didn't suppose anyone would confuse me and Kelly now. 

	Sue America was a stripper Andy picked up in Baltimore when he was
playing for the Rams.  She had been abused as a child.  Kelly was pissed
because they had cut most of that footage.  All they showed were the
flashbacks when she was beat up by one of her husbands.  Andy filmed it.

	I wish I could remember what I said to Brent to make him want to
hit me.  Maybe he did anyway.  I just said it was okay.  Go ahead.  I dare
you.  Coward.  Sue America says her husband doesn't have the guts to hit
her.  But he did.  She spits in his face.  And he hits her.  She runs
around with other men, and he hits her.  She's a fucking whore, and he
hits her. 

	I could see Brent doing it to me.

	I was licking his cock and balls and begging him to do it. 
Please, you fucking asshole, hit me.  He slammed me all over that car. 
Kelly looked pleased with the results.  We walked into the party together,
two exciting redheads.  Because of what had hap pened, I felt really
self-conscious.  Like I didn't belong there.  Like, I was no superstar. 
"That's alright," Kelly reassured me.  "You will be by the end of the
evening.  Now go up to that person over there and ask to be hurt.  Pretend
it's someone you just met on the internet."

	I guess shame is the most tantalizing of emotions.  Being hit or
stabbed is a definitive experience, but shame beguiles one, goes to the
depth of one's being.  I would trade twelve beatings for one night of
shame.  To be seen by others exactly as I am, a nd know that they know. 
To be stripped naked not only of clothes, but down to the soul.  I had a
black eye and my clothes were torn.  My stockings were ripped up.  And my
hair was a mess.  I wanted to run and hide.  Kelly wouldn't let me.  I
walked up to the man she had pointed at and said I was available if he
would like to indulge his most disgusting fantasy. 

	"How old are you?"

	"Twelve," I lied.

	"Let's get some fresh air."

	I followed him into the hall.  And into a stairwell.  You don't
want to hear about it.  I hope he didn't have a daughter.  Or if he did,
that I was her substitute, that he would never do that to her.  Maybe he
was just practicing.  I pulled my dress down and went back to the party. 

	Someone came up to me.  "Heard you were giving out favors," he
said.  Oh my God.  He was awful.  He made me pee in a cup.  And then drink
it.  But we didn't go out in the hall.  No.  It was right there.  With
everyone watching.  Oh god, I felt awful.  Su e America did the same
thing.  In the movie.  But they cut it out. 

	Then they began to think about things to do to me.  Or with me.  I
won't go into a lot of description about being raped.  To be truthful, I
was pretty stoned.  I think someone slipped me some roofies.  Because the
next couple of hours, I was pretty disgu sting.  They used me for a
toilet.  And a punching bag.  And I don't know what else.  I just know I
wanted to die.  Oh God, they hurt me.  I had cracked ribs and a broken
arm.  And I couldn't stand up.  And someone had carved DOGMEAT on my tits. 
I couldn 't see Kelly.  She came back just before it was time to leave. 
"Boy, are you a mess."  She said the limo rental was almost up.  "Come on. 
I'll drop you at your magazine.  It's nearly ten o'clock."