Subject:      Re: Why so much anger, hatred, resentment?
From: (Mithryl)
Date:         1996/09/10
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an_american wrote:
: Fellow Americans,

: Why do we have such anger, hatred, and resentment expressed in these
: (and many other) Usenet groups all the time?

: This is a huge question with countless answers, but the point I'd like
: to make is this: Think for a minute as to whether George Washington,
: Abe Lincoln, or your own mother would approve of how you express yourself.

: If you can't play nice in the sandbox, there's a button on your reader 
: called "quit" - go ahead and click on it.

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: an_american

Dear Fellow American,

	If you don't get angry about children being starved to death, 
just one of the things happening in this country under your nose, then 
you aren't any better than those "good Germans" who sat quietly and, they 
claim, unknowingly, as their fellow Jewish Germans went up in smoke.

	For your benefit, I am reposting below an essay which you may 
find hateful.  I remind you that Washington expressed his anger by 
kicking shit out of the English and Lincoln by pounding the armies of the 
Confederacy into a puddle of spit, which, from your wimpy letter seems to 
be what your mother did to you.


Cody Ann Michaels


	Off hand, I can't see much difference between Bill Clinton and
Carla Lockwood.  She's the mother in upper Manhattan who starved her
four-year-old daughter to death because she didn't want her.  But Bill
Clinton didn't want that baby either.  Or Newt Gingrich.  Or Trent Lott. 
Or the American congress.  The full force of the United States government
was ranged against that kid from the day she was born. 

	People say, "How could a mother starve her child to death?"  Why
don't they ask Christine Whitman?  She's the governor of a state that has
pioneered in taking food away from babies.  What do you expect if you live
in a country where Bill Clinton and othe r Republicans have spent the last
three and a half years bashing young mothers and calling their children
"illegitimate"?  Illegitimate?  What is illegitimate about a human being? 
It's worse than calling someone a nigger.  Or a kike.  And people really
can't figure out why mothers kill their kids?  "Another Senseless Death"
says the Daily News.  Bullshit. 

	Americans are in total denial.  The business of America is
hypocracy.  At least after the war, the Germans said they were wrong. 
Albert Speer got up at the Nuremberg trials and said, "I did it.  Mea
culpa."  Which was a smart move.  It saved his neck.  Actually, at the
time, no one realized how culpa he was.  They just thought it was charming
that a Nazi was so forthright in admitting he was a butcherer.  But
unfortunately, there's not going to be an end of the war for America.  No
allies will come and save us.  Nadine Dickerson, Carla Lockwood's
daughter, was in the advance troops of the kids who will end up in
dumpsters and compactors or abandoned in department stores or beaten to
death the same as Elisa Izquierdo, the six-year-old girl who was killed by
her mother last November 22. 

	It is September.  Ten months have gone by.  And last weekend,
Guiliani's goon in charge of child services announced that the welfare
worker who handled Eliza's case, a person who had stood with folded hands
while she was being taken apart, was dismissed.  It was the first time
anyone in the department had ever been fired for mishandling a case.  It
took ten months to zero this person and he or she was the only one ever. 
The supervisor is still on the job. 

	In the meantime, Guiliani is handing out brooms to women like
Carla Lockwood who come in and ask for help.  A real cool guy.  In January
he's supposed to have said, "The philosophy first, last and always has to
be the protection of children" even if it m eans breaking up the family. 
I keep wondering what words mean anymore.  Like "protection."  Like, what
the fuck does it mean, when three months ago, Guiliani's welfare
department cut off Carla Lockwood's payments and food stamps?  Since then,
the paper s aid, she's been borrowing money and food from neighbors to
feed her other six kids and herself.  People go crazy.  Carla Lockwood was
an abused child herself, repeatedly beaten by her grandmother.  I can
understand how a woman under extreme pressure can s top functioning as a
human being, revert to nature and cut one kid out of her consciousness the
way birds and other animals do so that the others will have a chance. 
That's how nature preserves the species.  But I have absolutely no
comprehension of men like Guiliani and Clinton who systematically destroy
people in order to give millionaires tax breaks. 

	The child welfare department handled this case the same way it did
Eliza Izquierdo's.  The Times said the agency had "noted problems in home
of starved girl."  Problems?  That apartment looked like the Murrah
Building after Timmy McVeigh got done rennova ting it.  What kind of
people are they sending out to check on these kids?  You would have to be
totally dead from the neck up to go in that apartment and not immediately
call for backup.  Or totally compliant.  Like, if you were a case worker
and your bo sses and your president had said these kids are illegitimate,
which is about on par with what Goebbels said about the Jews, well then,
Carla Lockwood was, in your eyes, performing a public service by letting
her kid starve.  Right? 

	The prosecutors told the press that in her statement, Carla
Lockwood "admitted she had not fed Nadine regularly for the last year and
in recent months had watched the child weaken to a point where she could
no longer walk, then no longer stand and finall y not even sit up.  She
said she confined the girl to a crib in a locked room, where she lay
lethargically day after day.  Though aware the child was dying,
authorities said, she did not seek medical attention, even on Saturday,
apparently Nadine's last d ay of life."  But why would a woman, who
admittedly, does not look too bright, seek medical attention if she has
already been told by Guiliani, Governor Pataki, et al., that she's
ineligible for help?  Where was she supposed to get a doctor?  The
American medical system is so advanced that if you're poor today it is
harder to get a doctor than if you lived in the Kansas outback a hundred
years ago.  And yet, two years ago, Bob Dole positively gloated that it
was a victory for Americans when national healt h care went down in
flames.  This is probably the first time in her whole life the system has
paid attention to Carla Lockwood and her kids.  It sounds like she just
poured to the people who want to put her in jail.  How much do you think
it's going to co st compared with the pitiful sum of welfare money and
stamps she was getting before that became so burdensome to the holy
American taxpayers it had to be cut off? 

	In the meantime, the forty Tomahawk cruise missiles that Bill
Clinton used to exact "a price" from Saddam Hussein cost $1.2 million
each.  Say wha?  Exacting a price from who?  48 million dollars could keep
a lot of Nadine Dickersons alive. 

	"'This is truly a mind-numbing crime,' Mr. Scoppetta said." 
Scoppetta is Guiliani's goon who took ten months to fire the caseworker in
the Elisa case.  One scapegoat.  "'We're all stunned at the prospect of a
mother killing her own child, but to do it in this way, starving a child
to death so she litterally watched her child die, is beyond our
comprehension.'"  I despise men. 

	What total fucking male shit-ass bullshit.  Total denial.  Non mea
culpa.  Guiliani was more blatant.  The man who said protection of
children was going to be a priority, got up at a news conference and said
it was..., but let me use his words: "Part of the perversion of our time,
in terms of ideology, is, the first question that's asked is, what did the
city of New York have to do with this?"  Well, for one thing, it didn't do
anything.  Neighbors repeatedly called the child services agency and
reported that Nadine was being starved.  And nothing happened.  There had
been a case involving the family that was opened in 1989, but it was
closed just about the time Elisa Izquierdo was being murdered.  It is
time, contends our anal retentive mayor, who is so obsessed with quality
of life that you cannot even drink a beer on your front steps without
running the risk of getting a ticket, that the public and the media begin
to blame families:  "The responsibility here ultimately lies on the
parents and the fami ly."  Lot's of luck kids.  You're on your own. 
Basically, this is like saying, if someone comes up to you and sticks a
gun in your face, the ultimate responsibility for your salvation rests
with the gunman.  Don't bother the cops.  On the other hand, the mayor has
been taking every chance he can get lately claiming responsibility for a
drop in the crime rate.  What I want to know is, if Guiliani's responsible
for crimes that don't happen, why isn't he also responsible for crimes
that do? 

	You know, we ought to have Nuremberg trials every year.  Or how
about every four years, like the Olympics?  Someone was saying the other
day that the mayor is like the father of the city.  Well then, Christie
Whitman would be the mother of New Jersey.  ( Now there's a sick joke.)
And Clinton is like the father of the country.  So we could have a
Nuremberg of national child abuse, and put these fuckers and their thugs
in the dock.  Relief may, however, be on the way.  Susan MacDougal, Bill
Clinton's partn er in Whitewater, is facing jail for contempt if she does
not answer a grand jury question as to whether William Jefferson Clinton
told the truth when he testified at her trial.  So the Democrats may have
a real October Surprise. 

	If only Susan MacDougal were more like Sherry Rowlands. This
stand-up comedian had no trouble at all telling Hard Copy how foot
fetishist and animal impersonator Dickie Morris, drank champagne in their
$440/night hotel room -- on top of paying her $200/hour fee -- and laughed
ab out getting Bill Clinton to sign the welfare bill that will nail
millions of Carla Lockwoods and their kids to the wall. 

	"When he makes light of it and pours champagne," she said, "he
doesn't seem to realize the down side of it, that he's signed off on a
whole lot of people that really need the money, the food, the shelter, the
clothing -- real people.  And I'm thinking wh ile he's sitting there
laughing and toasting champagne, he might as well have had a sword in his
hand and cut all those people loose."  I told you, by the way, that Dickie
would have a book deal.  He just signed with Random House.  What a pity
they missed out on Joseph Goebbels' memoirs.

	Anyway, you think it's bad now?  Wait until next year.  When the
money really starts to dry up.  We'll be importing food packages from
Zaire to feed the homeless.  But at least the streets will be so clean
they can eat off them. 

Cody Ann Michaels